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About the band


master of illusion gotthard tribute band

"All I wanna do is put a smile Back there on your face Just forget about the blues 'Cuz we need you here to shake up the place"

Steve Lee

Master of Illusion formed in 2009, following to the decision of singer Ruben Sacco to pay tribute to one of the most overwhelming and exciting rock bands of all time: Gotthard.

After many concerts and some change in the line-up, Master of Illusion have now set up a new live show: proposing the historic Gottahard‘s concert “Made In Switzerland”.

The band provides a great audio-visual entertainement, whose purpose is to bring back to life the excitement and the atmospheres given off by Steve Lee, Leo Leoni, Freddy Scherer, Mark Lynn, Hena Habegger and Nicolò Fragile.

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